I value your time as a reader. Believe it! Having danced through the best part of 9 months writing this blog, investing the hours on drafting, editing and posting each blog post and generally enjoying it, makes me want to continue to write. The focus of this blog will widen to reflect my thoughts on things other than travel. I will be blogging on things of interest to me: travel, my life, entrepreneurship, quirks, design, art, innovation, smart people, books, culture, solutions, leadership and sharing learnings I believe you will value. The blog posts are likely to be significantly shorter and punchier! You are welcome to continue reading, or not, depending on your yen. My short term aim is to get back into thinking about working (better) after months of resolutely not thinking about work!

Seth Godin, one of my favourite bloggers, has created an e-book containing 70+ mini-essays on themes that I believe are worth reading if you are keen to meditate on improvements in your life for the coming year. My borrowed Christmas present to you all!

PS: Title credit