I decided to come along with Mike to the local community radio station who have an offering called English Breakfast which is Amsterdam-based English language breakfast radio with witty hosts (at least I like to think so). I’ve now had two shots at it both of which were very cool experiences, who knew talking smack on the airwaves at 7am would be so much fun? It’s also video streamed live on the web and on a local cable TV channel.

If you want to hear me in action you can check out the website http://www.salto.nl, click on “On Demand” for Salto 1. Then you have to put in the date and time I was on which was 20 August 07:00 – 08:00 and 08:00 – 09:00 and 6 August. You won’t want to listen to it all so perhaps 20 August 08:00-09:00 and skip about a third of the way through and I am talking about http://www.sail2010.nl, a five-yearly Tall Ships regatta.

Over and out.