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City dweller, successful fella
Thought to himself oops I’ve got a lot of money
I’m caught in a rat race terminally
I’m a professional cynic but my heart’s not in it
I’m paying the price of living life at the limit
Caught up in the centuries anxiety
It preys on him, he’s getting thin

– Blur, Country House

So here’s hoping I don’t turn into the rat! I have a new job, not in the country but smack bang in the middle of Amsterdam, a mere 3 min bike ride from Central Station at TomTom, a Dutch company that makes navigation solutions including the now ubiquitous personal navigation device you stick on your car windscreen or dashboard and then listen to whilst the dulcet tones of Andy or Yvonne or Darth Vader navigate you to your destination. It’s a very exciting move for me and as you can imagine, I’m stoked to finally join the getting-paid-for-doing-stuff contingent. I’m not going to reveal too much more about the specifics of the job given this is the wide-world-web and crafty managers and craftier identity thieves run rampant down its electronic alleys and byways.

I was biking home today from work (late if you must know) and was enjoying the buzz of private boats on the canals, tourists wandering dazedly in between whizzing cyclists, hubbub spilling from local corner kroegjes (bars) and the gentle pink glow of the setting sun when I heard faint honking and looked up. Geese flying in V-formation. I know nothing about migration timetables but it made me think of the coming autumn and winter. Summer is fairly much over here apart from some late, last gasps and then we are into a stretch of fairly bleak weather lasting from mid-October till April. I can tell you I am either investing in a thicker duvet and blanket, or am in the market for some identical twins with warm internal thermostats to share my bed.

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