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Something I wrote for someone else that deserved to see the light of day.

G&T’s really really nice place does a really really nice weekend brunch. You’d have to deliver in order to live up to the billing I guess. It is a non-descript gem tucked away on a mostly residential street in north Jordaan with simply Café written across the frontage. G&T’s has grown mostly via word of mouth. They offer an extensive brunch accompanied with cocktails. G&T’s meets the need of the regularly noted, and lamented, lack of breakfast and brunch locations in Amsterdam for those of us looking for something a little heartier than a broodje kaas on a booze-buffeted Saturday or Sunday.

I hesitate to apply the sobriquet of Berlin-esque. It seems to apply to any place with second-hand furniture that is cooler than its surrounds. I settle on Hemingway-chic. G&T’s is a small place with chandeliers draped over the bar, which is anchored at one end by a gleaming gramophone as classic jazz burbles away (Nina Simone a favourite). The walls are bracketed by a photographic exhibition Girls Only! by local artist Myscha, My personal favourite is a pensive, exotic mistress day-dreaming in her kitchen as her negligee drapes perilously across her shoulders. A slightly out of place stainless steel pole bisects the room, I just can’t shake the feeling that it serves no structural support purpose and resolve to keep an eye on it.

The brunch is picked out with attention to the details. The menu has been developed by a chef dragooned from Hotel L’Europe and is not the heavy English-style bacon and baked bean brunches so beloved of stag parties but rather displays a deft touch with plenty of customisability. Fresh flowers accompany our table settings, serviettes adorned are with the stamped logo. Bucolic scenes of milkmaids and their cows grace my plate china and teacup. Our party tucked into a well-presented feast of scrambled eggs with sides of bacon and a sort of French-style potato fritter, a nut-laden salad, a breakfast burrito stuffed with scrambled eggs and that perennial favourite, eggs Benedict. There were some items missing from the menu, which I put down to unanticipated demand and growing pains. Smoked haddock, I’ll return! My choice, the breakfast burrito, was delicious and accompanied by a slightly piquant bean salsa. The coffee is similarly of an appreciable standard and the fresh OJ good quality. Hustling, attentive wait-staff ensure there is enough cappuccino.

The couple that run it, respectively G(eorge) and T(anya), are developing a concept revolving around a space where you can eat AND slowly get sozzled, elegantly. Lest we forget, the raison d’être of G&T’s is cocktails. The option is open to loll on the relaxed-looking couch and prepare for a long, drink-sodden afternoon that has the potential to drag on into the evening. Their Bloody Marys are notorious amongst the ad crowd. Currently G&T’s have limited opening hours but they are also branching out into theme nights, movie screenings and Wednesday night midweek drinks. Stay tuned. We receive a hand written bill with thanks from the eternally smiling Lenka. It’s the small things.

91 Goudbloemstraat


Saturday 11:00-20:30

Sunday: 11:00-18:00

Bottomless filter coffee with food – €2

Bloody Mary – €9
Eggs Benedict – €10,50